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Rewards FAQ

How do I sign up?

Search “Broken Yolk Cafe” in either the Google Play Store (Android) or in the App Store (IOS) and download our and enjoy hassle-free rewards.

How do I transfer my old rewards account info to the new rewards program? 

It's easy, check out our tutorial here

What if I don't have a smartphone?

You can register through your desktop here.

How does your program work?

Earn 1 point for every dollar you spend (on any item in the store except the purchase of a gift card) at any participating Broken Yolk Cafe. Every time you earn 110 points, we will convert those points into a $10 Reward Coupon that can be used towards a future purchase at Broken Yolk Cafe.

How do I earn rewards points?

To earn your points, save your receipt and tap earn and scan the barcode at the bottom of your receipt. You can also enter it manually. Note: Barcode expires 3 days after receipt. 

How to redeem my rewards coupons?

To use your rewards coupon, present your reward QR code/QR number to your server to apply the coupon to your check.

How do I leave a review of my experience?

After submitting your receipt, you will have the option to leave a comment for our team at Broken Yolk Cafe to view, and will also have the option to give us permission to share your review on our social media pages. You can also email us at

My receipt won’t scan. What should I do?

You can enter it manually by selecting “enter barcode manually”. 

How does the “Refer a Friend” work?

Share your unique invite code with friends by selecting “Invite Friends”. Once your friend joins & participates in the program, you will receive 10 points for each friend that uses your code.

How does the point system work?

You will receive 1 point for every dollar spent (subtotal only) and once reaching 110 points, will receive a $10 rewards coupon. Amounts are rounded to the nearest point amount. For example amounts from $16.00 to $16.49 would round down to 16 points, and amounts from $16.50 to $16.99 would round up to 17 points.

Can I redeem rewards right after earning?

No, you must wait at least 24 hours after earning to redeem a rewards coupon.

How often can I enter receipts?

To prevent fraud, our system only allows the entering of 1 receipt every 24 hour period. 

Do receipts expire?

Yes, receipts expire after 3 days and can only be scanned during that time frame.

Will my points or rewards expire?

Points expire 365 days after they are earned. However, earned rewards coupons & birthday rewards coupons will expire 30 days after they’ve been earned.

Can I purchase a gift card with my banked rewards?

No. Rewards coupons can only be used towards food, beverage & merchandise purchases.

Can I earn and redeem points on catering orders?

Yes! For pickup orders only, simply scan your receipt. 

Can I earn points from a third-party delivery service?

No, points can only be earned directly through the BYC Rewards system, and not through 3rd party vendors.

Do I earn points when I also use a Rewards Coupon?

Yes, however, points are only gained on the amount spent (excluding tax, any discount, and tip). 

Can I earn points when purchasing a gift card?

No. But, any purchases using the gift card will warrant points.

What happened to my points from my previous Broken Yolk Cafe Rewards account?

Previously registered users (email and password) will have the ability to migrate old points over to the new program. Select YES under “Were you a registered member?” and continue to create your account with your same phone number & email. If you run into any issues syncing your account, email us at

I forgot what email and phone number I registered with, what can I do?

As long as you are registered, a corporate team member will be happy to look it up for you. Please contact us at for assistance.

What can I do if I never registered my account, but I have rewards points that I never used?

Unfortunately, we do not have any previous records and will not be able to migrate your points to our new system.  We apologize for the inconvenience.

Can I still use my physical rewards card? 

No, unfortunately, our system can not process old physical rewards cards. 

More Questions?

Send us an email to!